Founders' Day 2016

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, I had the privilege of attending Upsilon Chapter’s event – Founders' Day Feast, Fun, and Fizzies – in the beautiful 11th Floor Conference Room of the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Founders' Day celebrates the origins of The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, when in 1922 six nurses from the now Indiana University School of Nursing came together to celebrate excellence in nursing through leadership, scholarship, and service. The founders chose the name Sigma Theta Tau, which represent storgé, tharsos and timé, three qualities that encompass nursing which translate to love, courage, and honor. Upsilon Chapter was founded in 1961 by 65 student and faculty members of the NYU Department of Nursing Education as the 18th chapter of Sigma.

The Founders' Day attendees included NYU Meyers students interested in learning about and applying to join Sigma, current Sigma members, and NYU Meyers Professors and Deans. It was great to see some faces I remember from my months at NYU Meyers, the people who made me the nurse I am today, as well as some bright new faces exemplifying the future of Upsilon and nursing. After sign in, attendees could use a photo booth, make a plate of food and converse with many professionals in different stages of their careers. Many were shy at first but before the night was over people were talking up a storm, sharing classroom, clinical, and career nursing stories.



Dr. Larry Slater, the current President of Upsilon Chapter, spoke about the rich history of STTI and Upsilon Chapter, as well as the current practices of the Society. Later on in the evening, Professor Eloise Cathcart addressed the room with an inspiring story about A Day in the Life of a Nurse. I nodded my head encouragingly throughout her talk, inspired by her words and inspired by how expert nursing practice touches so many lives. At the end of the night, we toasted NYU Meyers, Upsilon Chapter, Sigma, and Founders' Day. The Founder’s Day call to action from Sigma’s President, Dr. Cathy Catrambone, was to participate in 90 minutes of service. Members of Upsilon Chapter, both new and old, will be heeding the Founders' Day call through volunteering with New York Common Pantry throughout the 2016-2017 term.

Maryann Peterson, RN, CPN (Jan ’14)
Archivist, Upsilon Chapter